CB Consult was founded by Christiane Berker in 1997.

I am a Namibian psychologist with a Master of Psychology degree from Ludwig-Maximillian University Munich, Germany. From an early focus on industrial and organisational psychology, I have gravitated towards teaching / training lay people in such topical areas as HIV counselling and self-development as well as providing capacity building workshops, curriculum development and training manuals to NGO and CBO staff.

For bigger projects I can rely on the collaboration with other companies. I can call upon several colleagues for specific projects to perform reliable work teams that present a lively mix of languages, cultures and diverse academic backgrounds.


I strongly believe in capacity building and hope to employ and train many more Namibians, encouraging them to facilitate trainings, develop workshops, evaluate projects and feel comfortable with project management techniques. I offer a highly professional and dynamic consultancy service drawing upon over two decades of work experience, passion and knowledge.

CB Consult occupies a large well equipped office space in Swakopmund. I often travel to Windhoek for meetings and regularly run workshops and quality assurance interviews throughout Namibia. I maintain a high standard of quality and am flexible, responsible and reliable, meeting deadlines and staying within agreed budget lines. My highly professional and dynamic consultancy service is drawing upon over two decades of work experience, passion and knowledge. As computers are my hobby, I have the latest computer technology available as well as excellent knowledge of all commonly used software programs.

Intimate knowledge of the Namibian cultural diversity allows me to design my services for the specific needs of my clients. If necessary, I can draw upon my network of local language speakers in order to provide translations into the major Namibian languages. I am dedicated to assisting the Namibian people, in a culturally sensitive, empowering manner, whether the issue is gender, HIV/AIDS, or any other critical topic.

CB Consult